Adults, don't belittle the opinions of students trying to inspire change

Secondary BZ 031418 Weber High School Walkout 05-7

Wednesday at Layton High School, we participated in the national walkout movement. Although not all...


We need common-sense gun control


In response to “Media has contributed to America’s moral decline, gun violence,” a letter from Scott Stanford published March 4: Most people are not calling for gun prohibition; rather, they are calling for common-sense gun control. Alcohol prohibition, which forbade production,...

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Readers react: Can mental health reform prevent gun violence?

School Safety US vs Nigeria-15

The Standard-Examiner’s video — published a week after President Trump released his school safety plan — sparked some interesting conversation among commenters.

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To protect Mueller, Republican silence may be a shrewd tactic


“In a hyper-partisan climate, it's easy to interpret every difference of opinion as proof of sordid motives. But if Republicans actually wanted Trump to get rid of Mueller, they would be saying so,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Excuse me — is this a restaurant or a bar?

Liquor Laws Utah

If you can’t tell restaurants from bars, don’t blame Utah lawmakers. They tried to help.

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Binge drinkers put all of us at risk

New Laws Utah-5

“Binge drinking puts everyone — even sober bystanders — at risk for harm from dangerous driving, risky sexual behavior and violent outbursts,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Readers react: Gov. Herbert signs bill axing state-mandated 'not a bar' signs

Liquor Laws Utah bar sign

The Standard-Examiner’s Facebook followers reacted hilariously to the new legislation.


We're rigorous about car licensing and operation. Apply the same thinking to guns


The debate over guns can get heated at times, and it really does not need to. We can solve many of the issues without taking anybody’s guns away. Guns laws need to be more rigorous. The problem we have is guns in the hands of people who want to do harm to other people. We have characterized...

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We are not 'globalists' — we are Americans

JFK 100-3

“The Trump administration is not only an affront to decency and the rule of law; it is an assault on America's self-conception,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Another bad bill. Another promise of a special session to fix it

Legislative Session Ends

No special session can fix naked legislative greed. That is, if a special session ever happens.

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Readers React: S-E columnist says gun owners should fear protesting teenagers

BZ 031418 Weber High School Walkout 08

Teenagers recently protested gun violence at schools through organized walkouts and have received both support and opposition for their efforts.

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